Dam Water Fowl

A slight obsession with the Falls of the Ohio

One chilly and beautiful October morning, I saw some mist rising from behind a railroad bridge on the Indiana side of the Ohio River. Curious, I went to investigate. What I found was mud, rocks, mosquitos, birds and the Falls of The Ohio Indiana State Park. That small piece of our planet intrigued me, so I kept going back, season after season, for five years. Dam Water Fowl. It was a fun obsession.

I've collected the fruits of my obsession in a pdf. Filled with 48 photographs, including the ones above, the pdf is free for download below.

Who’s Dam Water Fowl for?

Dam Water Fowl is for any and all bird lovers, fans of the Falls of the Ohio Indiana State Park and/or lovers of fine art photography.

Dam Water Fowl

40 pp., pdf, 12MB, 48 photographs

All images and words in this work © 2020 Scott Gilbertson. All Rights Reserved. 

Download the pdf

Custom prints are available. Please contact me for details.

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