Fine Art Photography

Exploring moments and beauty.
Then fortifying those photographs with words.

While I photograph many different things ~ birds, travel, portraits, landscapes ~ my real subjects are always moments. Then, because I believe photographs are better when fortified with words, I make them into books. 

Photography Collections

Dam Water Fowl

I had a slight obsession with the Falls of the Ohio state park. Where most people saw mud, rocks and a great place to fish. I saw it a little differently. Season after season for five years I returned there.
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Forthcoming Collections


I booked a photography workshop in Venice, Italy a year in advance. How was I supposed to know that the workshop would coincide with the worst flooding to hit Venice in over 50 years?
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Louisville Look Back

In a fit of nostalgia, I took a walk down memory lane through the thousands of photos I made over our 20 years in Louisville. I focused on the quieter, lesser-known parts of this beautiful city.
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We never expected to be able to visit Poland, let alone live there for over two years. It’s a beautiful country with a long and proud history. We’ll never claim to “have seen it all,” but we did see a lot.
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