Spirited Travelers

Need inspiration? Need motivation? 
Need to escape? It only takes 5 minutes.

I’ve always been a traveler.

My father was in the army and we moved five times before I was seven. When I was seven, we moved to Alaska from Minnesota. My grandmother gave me a camera ~ my first camera ~ because she wanted me to send her photos of our trip.

That first camera blossomed into a love of photography. Thank you, grandma 🙂

Move to Europe? OK!

In 2017, we were presented with a job opportunity that would allow us to live and work in Europe for a couple of years. We quickly said “yes!” We sold our house and our cars, divided all our remaining possessions into four groups for shipping and storage, got the necessary travel paperwork for our dog and away we went.

When we’re not working, we’re traveling around Europe as much as possible. Spirited Travelers is where we share our journeys.

Spirited Travelers: Shareable 5-Minute Vacations

Part travelogue and part diary, Spirited Travelers is where we condense our travels into shareable 5-Minute Vacations. We offer these brief bits of escapism as a way for you to “get away from it all,” if only for five minutes. And who knows, maybe you’ll get a bit of inspiration for your own voyage.

The Eiffel Tower and more...much more

If you’re like us, thinking of traveling in Europe evokes images of the Eiffel Tower, Rome, Amsterdam, etc. Of course, they are cool places but they’re only the beginning. Consider:

The largest brick castle in the world, sand dunes and sunbathing on the beaches along the Baltic

And …

A KGB spying station, a submarine in a museum and repurposed Zeppelin hangers

Or maybe …

The winemaking tradition of Malta and liquor based on a 500-year recipe?

And so much more. Spirited Travelers is a place to escape from the daily hassle and get some inspiration for your next European adventure. And it only takes 5 Minutes.
Yes, I need a 5-Minute vacation!
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