Need to Escape?

Get away on a 5-Minute Vacation in Europe with a (digital) postcard delivered to your inbox every other week.

I remember the feeling I had when I sorted through the mail and, amidst all those catalogs, bills and worthless bulk mail, I found a postcard. It was like finding a little prize. My day was instantly better. It’s my hope that when you check your inbox and see one of my (digital) postcards, you’ll experience the same feeling.

If you’re interested in any of these things:

Travel, Art, Architecture, Photography, Food, Wine ~

then these (digital) postcards will be for you.

Using Substack, every other week I share a bit of beauty, a bit of delight, perhaps a bit of whimsy from our European travels in the hope that it will make your day a bit better.

Are you ready to “get away from it all,” if only for a moment?

Yes, I need a 5-Minute Vacation!

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